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Corner reflectors on the Eiffel Tower

Corner reflectors designed for radar are targets that reflect the wave emitted by the satellite back to the antenna. The combined reflections on the 3 mirors redirect the waves in their original direction and it can be demonstrated by simple math. We can decompose… Continue Reading →

Measurement of the height of the Eiffel Tower with interferometry

SAR sensors are echo-localization systems. They measure the time between the emission of an electromagnetic pulse and its reception after that it have been backscattered by targets. This time is firstly converted in distance and then in pixels. The coordinates of… Continue Reading →

The Eiffel Tower in SAR imagery

The Eiffel Tower is an emblematic monument in Paris. I have studied it through a temporal stack of 100 images acquired by TerraSAR-X in spotlight mode (thanks to the DLR projet LAN2708). See how it looks in SAR imagery. The image… Continue Reading →

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