Journal Papers

Flora Weissgerber, Laurane Charrier, Cyril Thomas , Jean-Marie Nicolas and Emmanuel Trouvé  (2022) LabSAR, a one-GCP coregistration tool for SAR–InSAR local analysis in high-mountain regions. Front. Remote Sens. 3:935137. doi: 10.3389/frsen.2022.935137

Simon Erdmann, Flora Weissgerber, Élise Colin Koeniguer, and Xavier Orlik, “Dynamic speckle imaging of human skin vasculature with a high-speed camera,” Opt. Express 30, 11923-11943 (2022)

Paul Tepes, Noel Gourmelen, Pete Nienow, Michel Tsamados, Andrew Shepherd, Flora Weissgerber, “Changes in elevation and mass of Arctic glaciers and ice caps, 2010–2017”,
Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 261, 2021, 112481, ISSN 0034-4257,

Luca Foresta, Noel Gourmelen, Flora Weissgerber, Peter Nienow, Josh Williams, Andrew Shepherd, Mark Drinkwater, Stephen Plummer, “Heterogeneous and rapid ice loss over the Patagonian Ice Fields revealed by CryoSat-2 swath radar altimetry”, Remote Sensing of the Environment, Volume 211, 15 June 2018, Pages 441-455, doi:

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Jean-Marie Nicolas et Nicolas Trouvé, “3D Monitoring of Buildings Using TerraSAR-X InSAR, DInSAR and PolSAR Capacities”, Remote Sens. 20179(10), 1010; doi:10.3390/rs9101010

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Nicolas Trouve, Jean-Marie Nicolas, “A Temporal Estimation of Entropy and its Comparison with Spatial Estimations on PolSAR images”, JSTARS, vol.9, no.8, pp. 3809 – 3820, aug 2016, DOI:10.1109/JSTARS.2016.2555243hal

Aurélien Plyer, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Flora Weissgerber, “A New Coregistration Algorithm for Recent Applications on Urban SAR Images,”  Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE , vol.12, no.11, pp. 2198 – 2202, nov 2015, DOI:10.1109/LGRS.2015.2455071

Conference Papers

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Nicolas Trouvé, “Modeling the impact of the soil roughness on PolSAR images”, EUSAR 2020, Leipzig.

Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Pierre Godet, Flora Weissgerber, and Benjamin Le Teurnier, “Multi-Sensor Coregistration by Deep Learning Applied to Sentinel-1 /TerraSAR-X Images for change detection purposes”, EUSAR 2020, Leipzig

Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé, “Simulation of clutter based on a sum of scatterers”, International Radar Conference 2019, Toulon. slides

Martin Ewart, Noel Gourmelen, Flora Weissgerber, Amos Storkey, Elliot Crowley, “Deep Learning With CryoSat: Using a Neural Network to Improve Radar Altimetry”, Living Planet Symposium, Milano 2019.

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Fabrice Janez, “Comparing the Textures of Sentinel-1 and TerraSAR-X Images over Built-up Areas to Better Cope With Multi-Sensor Simulation and Change Detection”, Living Planet Symposium, Milano 2019.

Noel Gourmelen,  Mario-Jose Escorihuela,  Martin Ewart, Luca Foresta,  Paul Tepes, Flora Weissgerber, Anna Hogg,  Jan Wuite,  Albert Garcia-Mondejar,  Monica Roca , Thomas Nagler ,  Alan Muir,  Steven Baker,  Andrew Shepherd,  Stephen Plummer,  Marc Drinkwater, “Interferometric Radar Altimetry – Swath Processing”. Living Planet Symposium, Milano 2019.

Flora Weissgerber, Noel Gourmelen, Maria-Jose Escorihuela, Albert Garcia-Mondéjar, Monica Roca, Jan Wuite, Anna Hogg, Thomas Nagler, Marc Drinkwater, “CryoTop Evolution, CS-2 Swath Processing for resolution of DEM and rate of elevation change”, Polar 2018, Davos, slides

Elise Colin Koeniguer, Flora Weissgerber, “Very High Resolution polarimetry for building monitoring: orientations of facade components using two experimental modes of TerraSAR-X, EUSAR 2018, Aachen paper

Flora Weissgerber, Noel Gourmelen, Maria-Jose Escorihuela, Albert Garcia-Mondéjar, Monica Roca, Jan Wuite, Anna Hogg, Thomas Nagler, Marc Drinkwater, “CryoTop Evolution: CS-2 Swath Processing for resolution of DEM and rate of elevation change”, American Geophysical Union Fall meeting 2017, New-Orleans

Flora Weissgerber, Noel Gourmelen, “CryoTop Evolution : utiliser la pseudo-fauchée de CryoSat-2 pour rafiner la résolution des MNE et des cartes de taux de changements d’élévation”, Gretsi 2017, Juan-les-pins

Noel Gourmelen, Flora Weissgerber, Maria-Jose Escorihuela , Anna Hogg , Jan Wuite , Monica Roca , Thomas Nagler , Mark Drinkwater, “CryoTop Evolution – CryoSat-2 Swath Elevation, Digital Elevation Models, Rates of Elevation Change Products”, North American CryoSat Science Meeting 2017, Banff

Flora Weissgerber, Jean-Marie Nicolas, “Fusion of SAR images for urban monitoring : the Eiffel Tower case”, ODAS 2016, Oberpfaffenhofen

Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé, “TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, a full polraimetric high resolution sensor”, ODAS 2016, Oberpfaffenhofen

Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Aurélien Plyer, Fabrice Janez, Flora Weissgerber and Guillaume Brigot, “GeFolki: a Swiss Army Knife for remote sensing image coregistration trough optical flow estimation”, ODAS 2016, Oberpfaffenhofen

Flora Weissgerber. “Resolution enhencement of polarimetric images using a high resolution mono-channel image”. EUSAR 2016, Hamburg, hal, IEEE

Flora Weissgerber, Jean-Marie Nicolas, Elise Colin-Koeniguer et Nicolas Trouvé. “Mesure de la dilatation thermique de la Tour Eiffel par interférométrie RSO différentielle”. Gretsi 2015, Lyon

Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Flora Weissgerber,  Nicolas Trouvé and Jean-Marie Nicolas. “Multitemporal polarimetric SAR images for urban areas”. IGARSS 2015, Milano Paper

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer , Nicolas Trouvé and Jean-Marie Nicolas. “Comparison between spatial and temporal estimation of entropy on polarimetric SAR images”. MultiTemp 2015, Annecy,   Paper Slides

Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé, Elise Colin-Koeniguer and Jean-Marie Nicolas. “Spectral method for bright scatterers resolution enhancement”. POLinSAR 2015, Frascati  Slides

Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Flora Weissgerber, Nicolas Trouvé, Jean-Marie Nicolas. “A new light on misclassification results on the SOMA district in San Francisco due to the difficulty to predict entropy”. POLinSAR 2015, Frascati Slides

Flora Weissgerber, Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Nicolas Trouvé and Jean-Marie Nicolas. “Statistics for complex correlation coefficients applied to advanced SAR modes : Interferometry and Polarimetry”. International Radar Conference 2014, Lille Paper Poster

Elise Colin-Koeniguer, Flora Weissgerber and Fabrice Janez. “Urban change detection by comparing SAR images at different resolution and polarimetric modes”. EUSAR 2014 – Berlin Paper

PhD Thesis

Flora Weissgerber (2016). Traitements cohérents d’images RSO multi-modes multi-resolutions pour la caractérisation du milieu urbain (Télécom ParisTech, 46 rue Barrault 75013 Paris),  hal


Ph.D. Award 2016 of Telecom ParisTech, 2nd place
For the scientific quality, the innovation and social impact potential of my Ph.D. research

Student Paper Award of the EUSAR 2016 conference, 1st  place
Article on the Resolution enhancement of polarimetric SAR images using a high-resolution mono-channel image.

Copernicus masters, radar constellation challenge by Airbus Defence and Space & Hisdesat 2014,
Start-up project challenge on innovative products and services using the data generated by the TSX, TDX and PAZ satellite constellation. Proposition of an innovative acquisition mode that combines TSX and TDX in a full polarimetric sensor instead of the interferometric sensor that they are designed to be.


Research award of Ecole Centrale Marseille, 1st place
For the quality of my Research Masters thesis