Research experience

  • Research engineer in remote sensing image processing
    ONERA, DTIS, the French Aerospace Lab, Palaiseau

    • Deep-learning for SAR and optical image processing with environmental application such as the monitoring of snow
    • Multi-modal coregistration, working on the labsar algorithm
    • Member of the AI4GEO project, working with CNES, IGN, Airbus and Qwantcube on automatic change detection
  • Research engineer in radar image processing and modélisation
    ONERA, DEMR, the French Aerospace Lab, Palaiseau

    • Modelling of the SAR backscattering by a coherent sum of scatterers in the resolution cell. Use of texture to retrieve the SAR image statistics and polarimetric or temporal decoherence
    • Member of the DGA COMAREM project, definition of the simulator modules dedicated to SAR images simulation. Following through the modulus development by the software development subcontractors SCALIAN-DS.
    • Guest Editor for the MDPI Remote Sensing “Applications of SAR Images for Urban Areas” special issue.
    • Communication contact : link between the electromagnetism and radar department and the communication division.
  • Post-doc in Remote Sensing for glaciology
    School of Geosciences, the University of Edinburgh

    • Member of the ESA CryoTop evolution project, my goal is to provide to the community Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet high resolution elevation and elevation change maps using the CryoSat-2 radar altimeter.
    • Design of a new algorithm to improve CryoSat-2 « Swath » elevations; the « Swath » algorithm takes advantage of the SAR Interferometric mode of CryoSat-2 to increase the density of the measured elevation estimates.
    • Design of a denoising framework for elevation and elevation change maps that remove outliers and improve the spatial coherence of the resulting maps.
    • Study the distribution of the intensity of the CryoSat-2 signal to link it to snow and ice parameters such as density and water content.
    • Write project document such as data user manual and present my results at ESA project meetings
  • PhD in Signal and Images processing,  2013-2016
    Télécom ParisTech and ONERA, the French Aerospace lab.

    • Design of Interferometric SAR image processing algorithms for combined height and deformation retrieval of buildings.
    • Characterization of the estimation of statistical parameters of polarimetric SAR images, such as polarimetric entropy, using temporal stacks of images.
    • Use of directional statistics to assess the quality of the estimations of the interferometric phase that can be used to compute the height and the deformation of buildings.
    • Development of an algorithm for polarimetric image resolution enhancement using high-resolution SAR images by analyzing the physical and spectral properties of SAR images.
    • Submission of a tender for the « Copernicus masters, radar constellation challenge by Airbus Defence and Space & Hisdesat » that achieved 2nd
    • Specification, ordering and reception of SAR images from an innovative acquisition mode in collaboration with DLR.
    • Negotiation with the “Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel” (Eiffel Tower management company) for the installation of corner reflectors on the Eiffel Tower during planned satellite acquisitions over Paris between November 2015 and January 2016. Successful installation of the corner reflectors, as well as successful data acquisition and reception.
  • Masters thesis   2013
    Team φTI, Institut Fresnel, Marseille, FR; 4 months
    Study of the performances of multi-baseline SAR systems for biomass monitoring.
  • Engineer internship  2012
    Bertin Technologies, Aix en Provence, FR; 10 weeks internship.
    Designed a standard process to compare car-tracking algorithms: chose the relevant testing scenario and the adapted statistical features.
  • Videoconference multidisciplinary project
    Centrale-Marseille, 13013 Marseille, FR

    • Design of a matlab program that localizes a sound source and moves a camera toward that source.
    • Project manager

Teaching Experience

  •  Guest lecturer 2020-
    The basis of signal processing, Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak
    Designed and taught 18h of practical lectures, mixing lecture and practicals in each 3hours sessions. Designed homework and exams.
  • Guest lecturer 2020-
    Introduction to SAR polarimetry, High resolution SAR processing, continuous training, Télécom Paris
    Designed and taught 1h30 of lecture.
  • Guest lecturer 2020-
    Introduction to SAR processing, Institut d’Optique Graduate School
    Designed and taught 3h of practicals on SAR image processing
  • Guest lecturer  2017
    Principles and Practice of Remote Sensing, MSc Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management, The University of Edinburgh, EH8 9XP Edinburgh, UK
    Designed and taught earth observation lectures and practicals

    • Noise in Remote Sensing image (1h lecture and 3h of practicals)
    • SAR interferometry (1h lecture and 3h of practicals)
  • Co-supervisor of Earth Observations Projects during a field trip in the Scottish Highlands (Kindrogan Forest)        2017
    MSc Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management
    , The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9XP, UK
    4 days
  • Tutor   2017
    Prewired Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH3 9DZ, UK
    Providing weekly (2h) technical-coding supervision to children aged 7-19
  • Undergrad intern co-supervisor    2016
    Telecom ParisTech, 75013 Paris, FR
    Collection of weather data and investigation of the relationship between meteorological data and the deformation of the Eiffel Tower measured by interferometric SAR images.
  • Demonstrator   2014-2016 
    Introduction to Signal Processing for 1st year engineering students, Telecom ParisTech, 75013 Paris, FR
    Supervising signal processing practicals (16h per year, 2 years)
    Lectures on the Spatial Fourier Transform and Filtering (6h)
  • Demonstrator     2014-2016
    Radar and remote sensing for 3rd year engineering students, CentraleSupélec, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
    Supervising practicals on SAR algorithms and SAR image processing (18h per year, 2 years)
    Redesigned the practical to include more examples of SAR image processing
  • Tutor   2010-2013
    Echanges Phocéens, 13013 Marseille, FR
    Dispensing weekly support sessions (2h) to high school students from an intensive education support area as identified by the city council and public education authorities.

Administrative Experience

  • Organiser of the Edinburgh Cryosphere and Earth Observation Meetings    2017-…
    Glaciology team, School of Geoscience, the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9XP, UK
    Bi-monthly meeting designed as a forum for technical question about earth observation. Each meeting features a short presentation by one member of the team to start the discussion
  • Member of the Research Staff Organisation     2017-…
    School of Geosciences, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9XP, UK
    Animation of the Post-Doc life in the School of Geosciences
  • Organiser of the SAR meeting      2014-2016
    SAR team, Dept. Image, Telecom ParisTech, 75013 Paris, FR
    Bi-monthly meeting of the SAR team, featuring a presentation of on-going work.
  • Member of the PhD Council 2015-2016
    Dept. Image, Telecom ParisTech, 75013 Paris, FR
    Link between the PhD Student and the Head of Department. Organisation of the PhD Welcome Day.
  • Co-organiser of the PhD Day  2015Dept. Eletro-Magnétique et Radar, ONERA the French Aerospace lab, 91120 Palaiseau, FR
    Collating all the abstracts and chairing a session.


  • PhD in Signal and Images processing, 2013-2016
    Télécom ParisTech, 7513 Paris, FR and ONERA, the French Aerospace lab, 91120 Palaiseau, FR
  • Research-based Masters in Physics, with highest honor, 2012-2013
    Aix-Marseille Université, 13013 Marseille, FR
    Optic, photonic, signal and image option signal and image processing
  • Post-Graduate Engineering degree 2010-2013
    Ecole Centrale Marseille (Graduate engineering school – Grande Ecole d’Ingenieurs), 13013 Marseille, FR

    • 3 semesters of specialization in image and signal processing 2012-2013 Statistical estimation theory, Pattern recognition, Filtering
    • 3 semesters of multidisciplinary common core program 2010-2012 Optic, Mechanic, Chemistry, Computer science, Mathematic and Project management
  • Intensive program in Mathematics and Physics preparing for the competitive admission at the French Grandes Ecoles (“Classes préparatoires”) 2008-2010
    Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg, FR
  • Baccalauréat (Sciences), with highest honor 2008


  • Rock climbing and hiking
  • Sewing and knitting