I am part of IVA team in ONERA, DTIS. In the team, we are working in image processing, including inverse problem and deep-learning for multimodal image interpretation, image-based measurement in experimental physics, sensor-processing co-design, robotics and of course, remote sensing.

I am currently working with the following doctoral candidates:

  • Nathan Letheule, “Semantic segmentation of optical images for SAR simulation”, with Elise Colin and Sylvain Lobry
  • Mathias Montginoux, “Multi-resolution temporal series of optical and SAR images for snow and deforestation monitorin”, with Jérôme Idier and Sylvain Lobry
  • Lucrezia Tosato, “Multi-level and multi modal fusion for VQA on remote sensing images” with Laurent Wendling and Sylvain Lobry

And supervising the following interns: