First was the travel. My PhD Defense was hold on Friday the 29th of November. This was a cold but sunny day, with nearly no train or RER delays. The car-travel to Telecom ParisTech with the food for the cocktail was a bit stressful. But I eventually arrive widely on time.

Then was the Defense. I really enjoyed going through this experience supported by my family, my friends and my numerous colleagues. Their smiles in the amphitheater and their kind encouraging messages helped me overcome my initial nervousness. My defense would not have been the same without the jury and their challenging questions. I want to thank them for their careful reviews of my work that open a lot of new research axes. Definitely, a PhD is never really finished.

Finally were the parties! The cocktail that followed the defense was really fun. Lots of kind words were written on the table by my sister and the colleagues that set up everything. I did not have the time to discuss to everybody, but we could follow up on Saturday night! I really want to thank all my friend that came from all over France for this party.